Solomonís key men; the kings of the earth come to hear Solomon; the preparation for building the Temple; the specifics in building the Temple.



Solomon is reigning over all Israel and chapter 4 and verse 25 lets us know it is a time of peace.  God confirms His granting of wisdom and understanding to Solomon, and by the end of chapter four, the kings of the earth are coming to listen to Solomon.  This is a great picture of the millennial reign of Christ as He sits on the throne of David in Jerusalem during a time of great peace as the kings of the earth come and worship before Him.  However, we also see a crack in Solomonís character as king.  Chapter 4 and verse 26 states the vast number of horses Solomon has acquired.  It doesnít seem like that big of a deal, does it?  The key is found in Deut. 17:16 where God specifically tells the future kings of Israel not to multiply horses to themselves.  Horses represent power and strength in an army, something to trust other than God (Psalm 20:7). In good times, we, too, must watch for the small things that begin to bring us down.


Solomon does understand the opportunity before him.  Because of the victories by his father (David), he has the opportunity to live in peace and build the temple of God.  We, too, have an opportunity before us because of the victory won by our Father.  I Cor. 6:19 tells us that each one of us as a believer in Christ is the temple of God.  The question is, how are we doing building Godís temple?  Do we prepare with the same passion Solomon did, or do we simply take it for granted?  Will we be remembered for the temple (our lives) we built unto the Lord?


At times it can seem monotonous reading through the specific details of the temple.  Always remember, God had a plan for that building.  It wasnít Solomonís responsibility to figure it all out, but rather to simply follow Godís plan.  The same is true in our lives.  I Corinthians 3 tells us the kind of materials God wants us to use to build the temple of our lives and work. 



Through SOLOMON as the kings during the millennial kingdom of the earth come before Him to seek His wisdom.  Ė I Kings 4:34 (Phil. 2:9-11 Ė Christ will one day rule the world as Israelís king in His millennial reign, and every knee will bow before Him.)