Jehu executes judgment; Joash is spared and becomes king; Joash repairs the temple.



Two chapters of today’s reading deal with Jehu and two deal with Joash.  Both men will do God’s work, but neither with a pure heart for God.  The results will be short-lived and self-promoting; the Lord won’t get the glory and praise.


Jehu was prophesied by name years earlier by Elijah (I Kings 19:16) to completely remove the lineage of the wicked Ahab.  The promised avenger could have given great glory to God to show the trustworthiness of God’s promises, but did not because of extreme cruelty and pride.  In chapter 9, Jehu executes judgment on Joram, the king of Israel, Ahaziah, the king of Judah and Jezebel, the wife of Ahab.  In chapter 10, Jehu continues with all of the descendants of Ahab and all of the Baal worshippers in Israel.  He accomplishes the tasks with intimidation (II Kings 10:3, 4), ruthlessness (II Kings 10:14), pride (II Kings 10:16) and trickery (II Kings 10:18, 19).  Jehu is rewarded for removing Baal and the house of Ahab, but because he continued with the worship of the golden calves and disregarded the law of the Lord, Israel moves closer to captivity (II Kings 10:32).


Chapters 11 and 12 take us to the other kingdom, Judah.  When Ahaziah is killed by Jehu, his mother, Athaliah, kills all of her grandsons, in order to take the throne.  The Lord hides one baby boy, Joash, from the slaughter.  A faithful priest, Jehoiada, raises the boy for six years and then orchestrates his coronation as the king of Judah at the age of seven.  Athaliah is removed and Joash (also called Jehoash) is a good king all of the days of Jehoiada.  But the demise of Joash is explained in II Chronicles 24:17.  Joash followed the Lord while Jehoiada lived, but after his death, Joash listened to the wrong counsel.  His spiritual discernment and commitment to the Lord, came from another man.  Sadly, Joash didn’t have that personally and it led to the severe judgment of God, not just in Joash’s life, but in the entire land of Judah. 



As THE AVENGER – II Kings 9:7 (Revelation 6:9).

As THE INTERCESSOR – II Kings 11:17 (I Timothy 2:5; Romans 8:34).