Joshua conquers kings and cities for Israel; the land is divided by lot among the tribes; Caleb requests and obtains the mountain of Hebron from Joshua.


>From the chapters we read today, we are reminded that there are many battles to fight, many cities to destroy, and many kings to conquer in our lives. When we have no battles to fight, we are in trouble! (See Rev. 3:17.) It is the battles we fight that keep us dependent upon the Lord. What “king” does Jesus need to conquer in your life? What “walled cities” need to be destroyed so that God can possess all of you, instead of just part of you (I Cor. 6:19-20)?

In chapter 12:1-6, we are reminded of the kings conquered by Israel before crossing the Jordan River. Two and a half tribes thought it “couldn’t get any better than this”, so they asked that their inheritance be given to them on this side of the Jordan River. They got satisfied with less than what God had for them. Don’t ever allow yourself to settle for being a good spouse and a good parent who attends church and reads his/her Bible! We must possess all that God has for us so that we can bear fruit and fulfill the mission God left us to accomplish!

In chapter 14, Caleb asks Joshua for the mountain of Hebron. This is the same mountain that the ten other spies saw and feared because of the giants that lived there in the “great and fenced” cities (Josh. 14:12). Caleb received permission to go and conquer this mountain and the giants that lived there. Caleb, even in his old age (85 years old see Josh. 14:10), was anxious to claim his inheritance that God had promised him (Josh. 14:6-9). It is interesting to note that Hebron means “fellowship”. This is the very thing that God desires from each of us. God has promised fellowship to us, but we must be like Caleb, and claim the promise of God that we are “more than conquerors” (Rom. 8:37), even in our old age!


Through JOSHUA Joshua 11-14; as the one who deals with the “kings” in our lives, and as the one who gives us our inheritance.