The remaining lots are divided among the tribes of Israel; the cities of refuge are designated; the 48 cities given to the Levites from among the other tribe's inheritance.


In chapter 19, Simeon is given his inheritance from within the inheritance of the tribe of Judah (Josh. 19:1, 9). This was the consequence of Simeon and Levi's own sin when they killed many men in anger because of what they had done to their sister (Gen. 34; 49:5-7). It is a graphic illustration of the law of reaping and sowing (Gal. 6:6-8). There are consequences to sin regardless of forgiveness. Now, Simeon and Levi were without their own inheritance within Israel. The lesson we must learn is to beware of the power of uncontrolled passions such as anger, wrath, and sexual sin! There is a high price to pay for sin!

In chapter 20, God appoints six cities to be a place of refuge for those who innocently killed somebody (i.e. it was by accident or unintentional; not premeditated) as long as they fled there immediately. They were protected by the elders of that city from the "avenger of blood" until the death of the high priest. This is truly an amazing picture in God's art gallery of the Old Testament! If you still need proof as to whether or not God wrote this Book, let's compare the cities of refuge with our Lord Jesus Christ:

The Cities of Refuge

1. They were appointed for those who shed blood innocently.

2. They were appointed to protect from the avenger of blood.

3. You were safe as long as you stayed in the city (vs. 4, 6).

4. Only the death of the high priest set you free (vs. 4, 6).

5. They were always readily accessible to anyone (vs. 9).

6. Knowing they existed wasn't enough to protect you. You had to

flee to them.

7. You had to leave everything to come to the city of refuge

(family, friends, possessions, etc., see vs. 6).

8. These cities were the responsibility of the Levites (Num. 35:6).

The Lord Jesus Christ

1. We all are responsible for shedding His innocent blood (I Pet.

2:24; Isa. 53:4-12)

2. If we have trusted Christ, then we are protected from the true

avenger of blood (God the Father, see Deut. 32:35, 43).

3. If we are "in Christ", then we are safe and secure (Rom.8:31-39).

4. It is only through Jesus' death (our High Priest, Heb. 6:20),

that we are able to be free indeed from the penalty of our sin

(John 8:36).

5. Jesus is accessible to anyone, at anytime (Rom. 10:13; I Tim.


6. Just knowing what Jesus did and who He is, doesn't save you.

You have to run to Him and trust Him with your life (Eph. 1:12-


7. You may have to forsake your family, friends, and possessions in

order to come to Jesus (Matt. 10:34-39, Luke 18:22).

8. It is now our responsibility as N.T. priests (Rev. 1:6), to lead

others to the City of Refuge (i.e. Jesus Christ, Matt. 28:19-20).


As the CITES OF REFUGE Joshua 20 (see Ps. 46:1).